Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing for Indie Publishers

In these times those who produce book content are becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of dealing with the conventional world of publishing. Many writers, poets, artists, and photographers are turning to their own resources to produce, market, and sell their own works. These indie publishers have a variety of ways to produce their own books or those of others.

One choice for them is desktop publishing, in which a book is composed in final form on a computer, then printed from the computer. The printing can on be accomplished on a digital printer, or as camera ready copy or a file for printing by others. Desktop publishing provides greater design freedom than is available from print-on-demand or on-line publishers, and can be more economical as well.

The slides below outline how Green Isles Press and many others use desktop publication methods to produce a variety of publications.  {Control icons are revealed by mouse-over near the bottom of the presentation. Click on the center icon to advance, then again to hold a slide}.

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