A number of websites on literary and artistic themes have been designed and published by Patrick Gallagher, the publisher of Green Isles Press. They include the following sites. The 2016 advent of the Dali17 collection in Monterey , near where Patrick Gallagher lives stimulated him to actively use his life-long enthusiasm for Dali’s life and works to carry out further investigation and study. The website is provided to share his findings, and links to other Dali resources with friends and interested parties. All observations and opinions on this website are his own and in no way represent the Dali17 collection, the Museum of Monterey, or staff. The beloved Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson spent a short chapter of his life in Monterey California and left a lasting impact on the community. The Robert Louis Stevenson Club of Monterey was founded to honor Stevenson’s wonderful literary legacy and his generous life. This website features information about the Club and its activities and provides links to many resources for the study and enjoyment of Stevenson’s life and works. This is the website of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, founded in 1975 in San Jose, California by the husband and wife team, Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi. The Society has blossomed into a vigorous advocate for English language haiku honoring the traditions of Japanese haiku. It is centered in San Jose, with members in many other US states, and other countries, including Canada, Australia, and Japan. Today members celebrate a long list of accomplishments including: GEPPO, a quarterly publication with members’ haiku and Society news; an annual members’ anthology; a regional saijiki; an annual haiku contest; and an annual Haiku retreat. The website is currently maintained by David Sherertz, a Society member.